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Aberdeenshire Dru Yoga consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced teachers. Allow us to introduce them to you on this page.

Ruth Matthew

Dru Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Meditation


Ruth has been practicing yoga for 30 years and for the last 10 years she has been teaching in and around Aberdeen.  Ruth is a qualfied Occupational Therpist and has worked with both the Health Service and Aberdeenshire Council.  Ruth left her employment as a Care Manager with Aberdeenshire Council and now devotes her time to teaching yoga and self-help skills.

Ruth's greatest desire is to make a positive difference to other peoples lives by sharing the knowledge, wisdom and skills which have greatly enhanced her life.  Her aim is to provide simple techniques that will restore hamony and balance in all aspets of life.

Ruth has completed a 2 year course on Yoga Therapy and is now supporting the new course.  Yoga Therapy has the potential to transform pain and illness by encouraging you to reconnect with your body's own intelligence. Using a programme of perhaps movement, breathing, mudras, visualisation and affirmation, tailored to meet your unique needs, Ruth's intention is to help you to develop more awareness of the body & mind connection. Sessions are usually 1 hour -1 hour 30 minutes.  


Alison Massie

Complimentary Therapist / Dru Yoga / Dru Therapy / Dru Back Care / Dru Meditation / Person centred counselling / Auricular acupuncture / Aromatherapy / Reiki


Alison worked in the care sector as a part of a community with the Substance Misuse Team and the Mental Health Team.  In these roles Alison was responsible for supporting individuals and their families to help deal with challenging issues and difficult situations.

Alisons desire is to reduce the stress and pressures of modern day life by using a range of techniques, such as simple movement and breath awareness.  This helps to feel more confident, strong and uplifted, bringing clarity, inner vitality and promote our well being.

Alison invites you to join her at one of her workshops, retreats or classes in a nurturing and relaxing environment and go home with the tools to promote better health and wellbeing and gain peace of mind.


Ester Rico Berrocal

Dru Yoga Teacher / Dru Meditation / Reiki / Tai Chi /. Massage Sensitif-Methode Camili / CESORA


Ester practiced Hatha for 10 years in Spain and France with Sivananda and ‘Ecole du Soleil d’Or’ teachers, and was certified as a Dru Yoga teacher in Dru Yoga Nederland in 2015. 

In the last 17 years her experience extends to well-being has been nurtured by attending workshops and training courses, such as; Alain Cornély (CESORA technique); Don Alexander (Reiki); Massage Sensitif-Méthode Camilli (2 years training); Tai Chi (Matthew Knight and Master Chen).

Since 2016 Ester has been learning Dru meditation with the fantastic team of teachers in the Dru Training Center in Snowdonia, Wales.

In 2014 Ester started to teach Dru yoga for beginners, being at that time mentored by Dru senior tutors in The Netherlands. In 2015 she moved to Scotland with her family. Since then she has taught tailored Dru yoga in Aberdeen for communities and small groups or one-to-one sessions in her cosy studio. Ester has the ability to teach yoga in French, Spanish and English.

Ester enjoys to share Dru yoga and other techniques to help others to transform themselves in healthier and happier people!

Julie Carnie

Dru Yoga Teacher


Julie has been practicing yoga for 10 years and has been teaching for just over 2 years.  Julie is currently studying Ayurvedic medicine and attending a Dru dance workshop. 


Julie's greatest desire is to share the knowledge, wisdom and skills which she has learned from Dru and to create a community of people that are like-minded and support each other.


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